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SINCE 1999

We are Universal Logistics Service, a certified minority enterprise headquartered in Birmingham, AL. We are honored to have quickly become one of America’s leading transportation and logistics providers, with satellite offices strategically located throughout the states. In addition to the continental U.S. our services span as far north as Canada and as far south as Mexico. Reach on out and let’s find out how we can revolve around you!





Dedicated Contract Carriage

Our Dedicated Contract Carriage provides a turnkey solution for superior customer service. We specialize in three types of dedicated contract carriage services:

  • Fleet Creation
  • Fleet Enhancement
  • Fleet Replacement


Our professional staff’s combined 150+ years in the industry, allows us to provide you unparalleled service levels and an unparalleled experience. We are experts in:

  • Moving truckload + less-than-truckload expedites
  • Moving your truckload at the right time
  • Moving your truckload for the best price possible.

Our experts deliver superior service, no matter the size or scope of your logistic management projects. We manage your logistics needs through in-depth discovery, planning and preparation before any work is performed.

  • Carrier Procurement + Contracting/Performance Tracking
  • Custom Shipment Consolidation/Optimization + Reporting/Tracking
  • Management of Carrier Authority + Insurance/ Audit + Payment Services

The Universal process

Receiving a Quote

We receive your quote via email, call, and texts

Once we receive the quote and the load information, that gets processed into our system.

Quick Response Time

We reply back to you within 5 minutes

We reply back to you within 5 minutes with the options & pricing, the best possible ETA, have the option ready to be positioned and source a dedicated solution if part of the request.


We Assign our Equipment

We get equipment assigned, and you choose how you want to stay updated (via email, calls, texts, or online). If the solution is dedicated, we'll get the equipment ready to be positioned.


We'll Keep you Updated

We provide detail updates of each milestone of the trip, and will continue to provide those updates until the shipment or project is finished.

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With 150 years combined experience in the transportation & logistics industry, we strive to deliver your shipments from Point A to Point B on-time and worry-free.