We Are a Team of Industry Experts

Universal has been providing excellence in service since our inception in 1999, resulting in a multitude of long-lasting business relationships spanning multiple industries.
In today’s fast-paced and technology-based marketplace, Universal Logistics Services is uniquely set up to deliver your goods effectively and efficiently. Our industry-leading technology-based systems and procedures lead the way in ensuring your product and goods are transported to their destination safely, effectively and on-time!

Efficient and Effective

Universal Logistic Services’ staff of seasoned transportation personnel averages close to a decade of logistics experience each, which is a critical factor in our ability to adapt to changing conditions and needs. We maintain a gold standard service level for you with our on-time pickup and on-time delivery, even through peaks in volume of 1500+ loads per month. We are also able to constantly update the status of shipments through mobile tracking and 24-hour dispatchers – providing you the worry-free experience you deserve.

We Stay Focused

Universal Logistic Services stays focused on your goals by evaluating your mission statement and making it our own. We only ask that you contact us today, tell us your goals and let us get started on helping you accomplish them. You’ll soon see that at Universal, we always revolve around you.

Fully Dedicated

Universal Logistics Services remains fully dedicated to meeting your logistics and transportation needs by carefully evaluating your unique needs and determining how to most efficiently meet your expectations, while minimizing cost & maximizing revenues.