Universal Logistics


Standing Out In the Trucking & Logistics Industry

In the bustling, ever-moving world of logistics, it’s easy to be dazzled by the big names, the titans of the industry. But here at Universal Logistics Services (ULS), we believe in the power of the relationship. We may be a smaller player in the game, but we pack a punch that could rival any heavyweight champion.

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Trucking Trends as the Summer Heat Begins

At Universal Logistics Services, Inc., we focus on continuous improvement. Part of that improvement is ALWAYS staying on top of the news that affects all of us in the trucking, logistics and supply chain management industries.

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Get Moving Monday

It’s Monday! Time to get moving! (Even though, as you know, our road warriors have been moving all night/all weekend long!)

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Logistics VS. Luck

With the rise of e-commerce and global trade, companies must efficiently and effectively move goods from one place to another to meet customer demands and stay competitive.

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