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Winter Storms & the Trucking Supply Chain

A Retrospective on Winter Storm Mara‘s Impact on the Supply Chain

Insights from Universal Logistics Services, Inc.’s Strategic Accounts Manager, Max Burch.

Hazardous Road Conditions and Disruptions

The hazardous road conditions caused by the storm resulted in widespread disruptions, with many roads and highways being closed, and delivery schedules being disrupted. The icing over of roads and highways made it extremely challenging for truck drivers to safely navigate through the storm, leading to increased safety risks, as well as delays and cancellations of shipments.

Effects on the Supply Chain

The supply chain felt the effects of the storm in several ways. Firstly, the difficulty of transporting goods by road led to a shortage of products in some areas, causing product shortages in retail stores and exerting pressure on the local logistics network. Additionally, some trucking companies were unable to operate at full capacity due to the dangerous road conditions, adding more stress to the supply chain.

Impact Across Different Sectors

The impact of the ice storm on the trucking supply chain was evident across various sectors, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and retail.

Lessons Learned

The recent ice storm significantly affected the trucking supply chain, resulting in widespread disruptions, delays, and safety concerns for truck drivers. The supply chain’s quick and effective response underscores the importance of real-time monitoring and adaptable supply chain management. This experience serves as a lesson, emphasizing the need for the industry to bolster its preparedness for future weather-related disruptions.


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